About Us

We are glad you are here. Like the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton once said: “Men go out into the void spaces of the world for various reasons. Some have the keen thirst for knowledge, and others are drawn away from the trodden path by the ‘lure of little voices’, the mysterious fascination of the unknown.”

Let us help you discover the Earth’s last unspoiled frontier. We offer a wide range of Antarctic adventures for all age and skill levels. You can travel to Antarctica with us by cruise ship from Argentina or Chile, or by icebreaker from Australia or New Zealand. Travelers with less time can fly by jet over Antarctica from Australia for a full day of aerial sightseeing. While most of our clients prefer to cruise Antarctica, for the truly adventurous we can arrange your Antarctic scuba diving, kayaking, mountain climbing, or South Pole trekking adventure. If you tour Antarctica and its neighboring chains of islands by ship, the whale, seal, and sea bird watching opportunities — especially the observation of Emperor and King Penguin rookeries — are first rate. In fact, we have special cruises just for birdwatchers.

Or perhaps you are interested in standing on pack ice or taking a helicopter flyover? Or maybe you’d prefer to observe spectacular icebergs and glaciers? We have ’em! For cruises to Antarctica, our ships include the 450 passenger MV Marco Polo, smaller ships such as the MV Clipper Adventurer, MS Endeavour, and the Explorer; small ships such as the 49 passenger Professor Multanovskiy, and icebreakers such as the Kapitan Khlebnikov.

Our Itineraries page provides cruise departure dates and tour destinations, fares, ship descriptions, and links to deck plans, daily cruise itineraries, and ship pictures. Our News page provides information on discounted Antarctic cruises. Our Antarctica page provides information on many of the cruise destinations. At Antarctica Travel, we are experts in making your expedition and cruise travel experiences to Antarctica among your fondest memories.

Contact us if you need a quote, further details, or to request one of our brochures.